The World’s First Playing Cards Enhanced with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Bacteria are everywhere, covering the products and surfaces that we encounter every day.



Playing Cards with Proven Antimicrobial Product Protection

Microban® antimicrobial product protection is incorporated into the finish of Medicus playing cards during the manufacturing process. When bacteria come into contact with the card’s treated surface, the antimicrobial technology penetrates the cell wall of the microorganism and disrupts cell functions, ultimately inhibiting the survival, growth and reproduction of the degrading bacteria. 

Built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology remains active 24/7 and for the expected lifetime of Medicus playing cards. 

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Know Your Benefits



Know Your Benefits

Using confocal imaging, Microban has captured the differences in bacterial growth on an unprotected polymer surface versus a Microban®-protected polymer surface. On an unprotected surface, stain and odor-causing bacteria thrive and reproduce rapidly. On a Microban®-protected surface, bacteria growth is inhibited, resulting in a cleaner, fresher surface. 


Antimicrobial-protected playing cards come with numerous benefits: 

  • These are supreme-quality cards and very durable.
  • They are washable and easy to shuffle. 
  •  They are resistant to the growth of degrading bacteria thanks to built-in Microban® protection 
  • We offer private branding and designing as well.